tisdag 25 november 2014

Starting Characters for The Camp challenge.

 Elize:Hi! I'm Elize,so nice to meet you! I'm a witch but don't tell anyone! I just heard of this cool camp for supernaturals like me and I do not want it ruined!
 Vivianne:I am an A-ranked witch of the Carter family. My daughter wanted to go to some hippie occult camp,and as long as she's happy it's cool.

 Sarah:Hi,I'm Sarah!It's like so nice to meet you! My best friend is Elize,though she can be a bit brooding and mysterious at times... Ah well,it's still nice to meet you.

 Tristan:Oh hello there ;) ;) Cora:Stop being disobedient! -.-

Cora:I am the mother of these two brats and will punish them should it be necessary.

The house and the other teens plus Cruella(DeVil) will be up sometime soon I hope.